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Who can Join?

Any and all licensed builders who are working in the counties of Beltrami, Clearwater, Hubbard or Northern Cass. Any individual or company working in the building industry – directly or in a support or resource capacity for the builders in our area.

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Reasons to Join The Headwaters Builders Association

3-in-1 MEMBERSHIP: By joining Headwaters Builders Association (HBA), you automatically become a member of the Builders Association of Minnesota (BAM) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). All three associations join forces to successfully address difficult issues facing the building industry.

CRITICAL NEWS & INFORMATION: Members are informed of local building code requirements, legislative activity, and upcoming HBA events through the monthly newsletter, BAM weekly update (e-mail). NAHB informs members of national industry news with the biweekly newspaper, Nation’s Building News, and monthly Builder magazine.

GET INVOLVED. GET CONNECTED: There are monthly general membership meetings with informative and interesting speakers or activities. Take part in the annual Headwaters Builders Show, Golf Tournament, Winter Dinner and other activities. The HBA always encourages active networking with others in the building industry. The network of HBA members and their willingness to share information is a key benefit of joining the Association.

MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE: City and County governments are closely monitored with an eye towards issues that affect the building industry. Through the Builders Association of Minnesota (BAM) and National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), a member has representation and access to state and national lobbyists and current legislative information.

GIVE SOMETHING BACK TO YOUR COMMUNITY: We have a strong commitment to give back to our local community. HBA and its members have contributed to numerous community projects over the years including the Crasper Memorial Fund and the 2008 Habitat for Humanity Blitz build.

KNOWLEDGE: State & National levels are constantly researching new technologies and business statistics that affect your business; by being a member you will be among the first to receive information. You will have access to all of the research we provide to help make your company cutting edge. Profit from the building expertise and business experience of other industry professionals. HBA provides ample opportunities to discuss building trends and exchange ideas.

CONTACTS: Broaden your base of business associates. If your market is the building industry, this is the best way to target your audience. Members can display their products/services directly to the public and to other members at the annual Headwaters Builders Show and also by attending the “Meet the Members Night”.

VISIBILITY: Get involved, and you’ll get noticed. Get noticed, and you’ll get sales and profit. Participation in HBA’S activities get you and your company publicity in front of potential clients. Backed by the association name and credibility, you are steps ahead of the competition! Stand out from the rest by joining the HBA to show your customers that you strive to be the best in the Building Industry. With membership you can link your business to our web-site at

EDUCATION: Members of HBA may attend continuing education events at reduced rates. Some events are even FREE for members!
INSURANCE PROGRAMS: Your business may qualify for special work comp insurance rates thru The Builders Group, a self-insured group of builder association members, and General Liability Insurance through BAM just for being a member of a local builders association.

DISCOUNTS: Many discounts are available from NAHB and BAM to members of HBA.

KEEP INFORMED AND UP TO DATE: You will be made aware of local, state & national law making processes and legislation that directly affects the building industry. The building associations are working closely with government officials, we help keep laws, regulations and fees at a reasonable level. With over 18 state government agencies and multiple local government agencies making laws affecting the building industry, how do you stay on top of all the new regulations? By being a member of The Headwaters Builders Association!

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